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Greetings Great People! 

My name is Dr. Scholar Lee, I humbly thank you for visiting my website and showing interest in donating to my podcast, The Dr. Scholar Lee Experience. I know you are wondering, Why should I donate? ...

The reason why you should donate is because my mission with my podcast is to advocate and raise awareness concerning the identities of vulnerable populations, such as the Transgender and Nonconforming community. My purpose and passions are to educate, elevate, and empower people to evolve, so as a collective we can move forward in a healthier way of being and becoming. In addition, I want to continue interviewing Transgender and Nonconforming individuals to enhance awareness and continue to provide a safe and nurturing platform for their voices to be recognized, respected, and affirmed. The content I produce can help parents of TGNC, professionals, politicians, organizations, and educational institutions create more affirming and safe environments for Transgender and Nonconforming individuals to co-exist and be supported because that contributes to their quality of life.

The Dr. Scholar Lee Experience is not just a podcast about my experience as a Black Transgender male, but a safe place for people from unique backgrounds to give voice and share their experiences with the intent to educate, elevate, and empower people to evolve in their truth with resilience and self-love. Your contribution will help me create more quality content, oppportunities and services for vulnerable communities, maintain and sustain my platform so it can continue to be a safe place of refuge for people to give voice because you feel unseen when you are not heard. 

I thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and contribution! 

Humbly in Gratitude, 
Dr. Scholar Lee