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Oct. 11, 2022

The Dr. Scholar Lee GENDERED. Experience: Jay Mimes (They/She)

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Listen to "The Dr. Scholar Lee GENDERED. Experience" interview with guest Jay Mimes (They/She). Below are the topics discussed in the interview.

GENDERED Conversation Topics:
• Navigating Life as a Transfeminine/Nonbinary in Brooklyn, NY
• Being in a Black body & Identity
• Growing up in New York and Connecticut
• Religion Experiences
• Creating a Narrative to Survive
• Isolation, Defensiveness, and lack of Self-worth
• Creating Spaces for Transgender Nonconforming people
• Embodying Authenticity and Feeling of Empowerment
• Scarcity Mindsets and Toxic Behaviors
• Intimate relationships and being Polyamorous
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Building Foundations of Self-love
• Safety and Belongingness
• Effective and Ineffective Therapy
• Suicide in the Transgender Nonconforming Community
• Safety Concerns being Gender Expansive
• Politics and Laws Concerning Transgender Nonconforming Community
• Collective Liberation and Radical Love
• Neglect from the LGB towards the Transgender Nonconforming community
• The Distinction of Underprivileged populations
• Spiritual Contracts
• Advice Moving Forward

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Jay Mimes (They/She)Profile Photo

Jay Mimes (They/She)

Creative writer, digital strategist, healer, abolitionist organizer, and facilitator

Jay (they/she) is a creative writer, digital strategist, healer, abolitionist organizer, and facilitator. Their jobs have typically tied to marketing and communications, while their passions have forever been guided by connectivity, collaboration, and vulnerability. Cultivating communal joy and collective liberation are key to how she moves through this world. She was born in Brooklyn and is currently based there.